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 Questions to Ask Your Potential Custom Home Builder


Building a new home can be one of the most exciting, yet overwhelming times of your life. The most important thing to consider is selecting the right custom home builder. To choose your ideal custom home builder, ask candidates these essential questions.


How Long Have You Been Building in the Area?


Ensure you choose a quality, reputable builder who has been building in your area for at least five years. An experienced builder intimately understands the landscape, storm drainage system, property boundaries and values, building codes, inspections, sewer and water locations, and neighbourhood desirability. 


Do You Employ Quality Tradesmen? 


A good custom home builder will work with the best tradesmen. The builder and his tradies care about the construction of your new home as if it's their own. They're willing to communicate with you throughout the entire process and offer informed options and suggestions, allowing you to make quality decisions.


Can You Provide Details on Specifications and Cost? 


Without a detailed cost break down, the costs of building your new home can spiral out of control. Before going ahead with the build, ensure you clarify everything with your prospective builder. Ensure every detail - from excavating and landscaping, water supply, foundation, exterior and interior walls, and more - is spelled out clearly.


How Much Customising Be Done? 


When building a custom home, this is one of the first questions you should ask. Build with us, and your imagination only limits you. We’ll “build” your home on paper first, including all the upgrades and features you desire. From there, we’ll pinpoint the exact cost, so there are no surprises. 

Are You Licenced and Insured? 


At Resolve Construction, each of our custom home builders are fully licenced and insured. Before starting your project, we will sit down with you and discuss exactly what the insurance covers. 


How Often Should I Expect Updates? 


The key to a successful relationship with your builder is open communication. At Resolve Construction, we understand this, so we stay in constant communication with you from the planning stage, until we hand over the keys. 


Whether it’s through emails, voicemails or website enquiries, you’ll know exactly what’s happening at every stage of the building process. 


What is and Isn't Included? 


This is perhaps the most important question to ask your potential custom home builder. When determining the total cost of your home, we will discuss factors like surveying, construction plans, insurance, impact fees, insurance fees, tree trimming/removal, fencing and more. 


For answers to more vital questions to ask your potential custom home builder, or to start the building process, simply call or email the friendly team at Resolve Construction today. 

 Making the Most of Your Narrow Block


As the Australian housing market becomes increasingly saturated, house lots are subtly shrinking. In fact, the average lot has shrunken to 395 square metres. This often results in new home buyers having to readjust their definition of “dream home.” 


Fortunately, though, with a specialised narrow lot house design, you can make the most of your small space. 

Open Plan Living Spac



Creating the perception of more space is one of the most important aspects of house design. That’s why Resolve Construction’s unique designs feature open plan living areas, complete with kitchen, living and dining areas all within one spacious, light-filled room. 


An integral component of our personalised designs is outdoor living, to increase the perception of space. A fantastic way to utilise the outdoors is installing generous glass doors which open the kitchen to an alfresco dining area. This increases your usable floor space, creating a feeling of luxurious openness. 

Make Glass a Central Feature 


A poorly designed home on a narrow lot can make the homeowner feel quite claustrophobic. Whereas, an intelligently designed home creates more space, by opening to the outdoors with strategically placed glass doors and windows. 


The positive effect well-placed glass has in the home cannot be understated. In a narrow property, glass makes each room feel far more spacious and open, while an abundance of natural light streams through the windows. 

Utilise Light 


The more natural light you can invite into your home, the more spacious it feels. Introducing more light into your home is easier than you think. Simply integrate additional windows (especially facing north) into the design. 


Another fantastic way to pour light in is by installing a skylight. If you’re concerned about privacy, you can install transparent window coverings after the build. 

High Ceilings 


By opting for ceilings over 2.7 metres, even the smallest room will look much larger. If you’re building a double storey home, consider voids above your kitchen or living area. This will create an instant “wow factor,” and give the room a bright, airy feel. 

Eliminate Unutilised Space 


While open floor plans keep walkways to a minimum, they are inevitable in narrow blocks. The best way to utilise this space is having it against the outside wall of the house. This allows you to install large windows or fixed glass panels along the length of the hallway. 

Be Realistic


When designing on a narrow block, be realistic about how many rooms you need. The more rooms you put into the narrow design, the house either becomes longer or the rooms become smaller. If you’re unlikely to regularly use certain rooms (i.e., utility room or media room), either ditch it or consider transforming it into a multipurpose room. 


If you’d like more innovative house design tips for narrow blocks, call or email the friendly team at Resolve Construction today.

Tips for Maintaining Your Custom Home


Entering your custom-built home for the first time is an incredible experience. From shiny appliances, to clean, new walls and flooring, it can be very easy to imagine your new life here.


However, keeping your new home in pristine condition can be challenging. The good news is, by following these simple tips, your custom home will remain in top condition for years to come.


Commit to Regular Maintenance Schedule 


Create a list of tasks to be completed inside and outside your home. To make the workload more manageable, divide chores up into weekly, monthly and seasonal duties.


Maintain Curb Appeal 


Besides aesthetic reasons, spending some time maintaining your lawn and garden allows you to fully enjoy your property. While each season requires maintenance work, the majority occurs before winter. This is when grass should be mown short and fertilised, and flower beds should be mulched.


Perform a Deep Clean


Most homeowners do some form of house cleaning every day or week. However, there are some tasks which are usually neglected – a deep clean is one of them.


Twice a year, do a deep cleaning on your entire home. Ensure you cover everything, from appliances to windows, exteriors, dusting and more. It may sound like a hassle, but it’s far less work in the long run if you do a deep clean every six months.




Every three months, perform a little landscaping. The most important part of this process is clearing out any dead plants – these are very unappealing and will not help your other plants, either. Ensure you remove any dead branches which could potentially cause damage.


Deck Maintenance


If you have a deck, patio, balcony or terrace, ensure you give the outdoor space a thorough cleaning a couple of times a year. Most of the time, all it will need is spraying down with water to stay in pristine condition.




Small leaks can occur in any home. They can be unsightly and downright dangerous. To prevent leaks, simply check the water pressure on your taps, showers and toilets.




Besides looking unattractive, mould can be downright dangerous to your family and pets. To prevent a mould manifestation in your showers and bathtubs, check and repair the caulking.

Heating and Cooling


Australian summers and winters can be particularly harsh. For consistent heating and cooling throughout your home year-round, conduct regular maintenance checks on your air conditioning system.


If you’d like even more handy maintenance tips to keep your custom home looking absolutely pristine, call or email the experts at Resolve Construction today.

Top 8 Reasons to Build a Custom Home


When you build a home, you want the structure to be a reflection of you: a reflection of your tastes, interests, wants, needs, style and flair for design. A custom home offers all of this and more.

If you’re considering whether to build an ordinary, off-the-plan home or a custom home, here are the top eight reasons a custom home should be your only choice.


You Deal Directly with the Builder 


At Resolve Construction, we pride ourselves on developing a relationship with our clients. You’re not just a number, or another order to fill. You are a valued customer, who has direct access to our expert builders, whenever you need us.


We Create an Original Design, Unique to You


The beauty of building a custom home is it is unlike any other. Working with our highly qualified design team, we will create a truly unique home, to suit your needs, style and personality. Rather than limiting your choices by using standard home design plans, we work with you to design your dream home.


High-Quality Control


By limiting the number of projects we work on at once, we’re able to be on-site regularly. This means tradesmen, installers, electricians and everyone else involved in your build is supervised to ensure work is of the highest quality.


Fast Response Times


Another benefit of working on a limited number of projects is we are readily available to answer your questions and help out if problems arise. If something unexpected happens, we can come to your property and fix the problem right away.


Good Relationships with Tradesmen and Suppliers


Over many years, Resolve Construction has formed strong relationships with our tradesmen and suppliers. This ensures their work is only of the highest quality.


We Will Quote Owner Supplied or Architect Plans


Have you already designed the home of your dreams? Or do you have very specific ideas of what your custom home should look like? If so, we are happy to work with you and your architect or designer. All you have to do is ask!


We Have a Flexible Approach to Modifications


When designing a new home, it’s only natural that you will change your mind about a design decision. As a custom home builder, we aren’t limited to a set of rigid rules. This means, if you change your mind at any stage, we can help you bring those changes to life.


Homes are Completed on or Before the Specified Date


We understand how exciting it is to move into your new home. So, we work diligently to minimise delays in design, trades, building and more. This allows us to hand over your keys on time, or even earlier than planned.


If you’ve been dreaming of creating a truly unique home, call or email the talented team at Resolve Construction today.

Signs You’re Ready to Build a New Home


Your home is a sanctuary, where you should feel comfortable, safe and secure. After an exhausting day, there’s nothing better than returning home to relax and recharge. However, are you no longer feeling at ease or peaceful in your home? If so, it may be time to consider building a new custom home.


Here are the top six signs you’re ready to build a new custom home.


You’re Financially Secure


Finance is one of the key factors you must take into account before building a new home. The cost of building a new home can be quite significant, so make sure you are ready to make this major investment. One way to ensure you are financially prepared is having enough for a deposit, having a home loan lined up and ensuring you can still pay your bills.



You Love a Specific Area


Is there a particular community you’ve absolutely fallen in love with? Maybe it’s walking distance to the beach, close to vibrant shopping and dining districts, or perhaps there are good schools and parklands in the area.


Whatever the reason, if you’ve found the perfect neighbourhood, you’re one step closer to being ready to build your dream home.


You’ve Found Your Dream Property


Once you have your finances in order and have found the ideal neighbourhood, it’s time to find a property that suits your family’s needs. First, ensure the property is easily accessible. Then, check the property’s proximity to important services, like hospitals and schools. Most importantly, make sure the property has adequate drainage lines and water lines.


You Need More Space


The need for space is a major consideration when building a new home. Do you feel as though you have no space to “breathe” in your current home? Are you struggling to fit your family, friends and possessions into your current space?


If your family is growing and you need extra bedrooms, a larger living space, or even an extra room for guests to stay in, you’re probably ready to build.


You Know Exactly What You Want


Exploring display homes or homes for sale on the weekends can be an enjoyable pastime. It’s exciting to imagine yourself and your family moving into a beautiful home.


However, it can become disheartening to visit dozens of homes and still not finding the perfect fit for you and your family.


The beauty of building a new custom home is you have control over every aspect, from start to finish. This way, you don’t have to settle for a home you aren’t 100 percent satisfied with.


You Have a Specific Design in Mind


If you have a specific design idea for your new home, ensure you convey this to your builder. If you’re dreaming of a truly unique home, look no further than Resolve Construction. We specialise in creating innovative, one-of-a-kind custom homes to suit your budget.


If you’re ready to create a stunning, yet functional custom home, call or email the expert team at Resolve Construction today.