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About Us

Established in 2015, Resolve Construction has become one of the Gold Coast’s premier home design, building and renovation companies. And it’s easy to see why. Throughout its short history, Resolve Construction has consistently proven itself as an innovative, versatile, cost effective residential home and commercial builder.


Owner Billy Thomas always knew he wanted to be a builder of impressive residential homes and commercial projects. As a child, Bill had a penchant for tinkering away on his billy carts or building cubby houses. From there, his passion for building intricately designed, beautiful homes was born.


Obtaining his carpentry qualification in three years instead of the usual four, Bill quickly progressed to become a Project Manager of large housing developments and custom home builds. Since founding Resolve Construction in 2015, Billy has built a highly experienced team of builders, engineers, structural engineers, surveyors, drafters and subcontractors to work on many projects across the Gold Coast, including:


  • Custom Builds
  • Luxury Home Builds
  • Sub Divisions
  • Renovations, and;
  • Knock Down and Rebuilds


The entire Resolve Construction team is personable, approachable and committed to the success of your project. And, as boutique builders, we only deal with a handful of clients at a time. This makes jobs very manageable and ensures we adhere to your deadlines and budget.


If you’d like to see this level of professionalism and perfectionism in your next build or renovation, the process is very simple. Simply call Bill and his expert team, and arrange a meeting to discuss your plans.

Once you and Billy are happy to proceed with your housing plans, Billy will work on a Preliminary Assessment. This process involves engaging the following professionals:


  • Surveyor – To develop your surveyor plan
  • Engineer – To conduct a soil test to establish the foundation requirements
  • Draftsman – To produce the plans to work from
  • Structural Engineer – To assess exactly what can and can’t happen during the construction process


So, what are you waiting for? Turn your home building or renovation dream into reality by contacting the talented Resolve Construction team today.