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Billy Thomas - Our Managing Director

Billy Thomas is an expert builder with a drive for perfection.  


Construction is something which is ingrained in Billy Thomas. Even as a young boy, he had love for construction and buildings, admiring the amount of work required to build these structures. Billy has always been fascinated by these buildings and their construction.


Billy started working his first job as a chippy when he was 15.  However, recognising the drive and motivation he had for the industry, he began to take on his own construction projects. Working mostly for individual home owners, worked as hard as he could to deliver a personalised approach to each of his projects. His passion and determination were such that he was able to make remarkable steps forward in his own skills as a developer, working on both private development and larger scale construction jobs.


Resolve Construction


Billy started his own construction projects in 2013 and very soon his company, Resolve Construction was born. Never compromising on quality, Billy endeavoured to be involved in every project undertaken.


Billy Thomas is very transparent in his dealings and gives equal opportunity to his clients to be involved in the selection of every feature of their new home.  He is very flexible and is open to ideas and design solutions.  Being a part of a new wave of developers, he offers unique and innovative construction ideas when compared with more traditional, old-world developers.


Resolve Construction has over a decade’s worth of experience utilising high-end and ultra-modern building materials and techniques. With 100+ contractors and Mark, his Estimator, by his side, Billy has an exceptional team working with him, all of which can be seen in his designs.


His Personal Life

Billy is very much into his rugby league, having supported the South Sydney Rabbitohs since a young age, and counts their Premiership win in 2014 as one of his personal highlights. Furthermore, he used to play rugby league down in Sydney before moving up the coast, and loves nothing more than a game of touch with his mates on the weekend.


Billy Thomas, living on the Gold Coast, Queensland, loves surfing, as well as boating and jet skiing, going out on the water almost every weekend.


Giving Shape to His Passion


Billy purchased his first home at a young age, and set about renovating and constructing it himself. He has since then designed almost every home he’s owned.


What Sets Billy Apart?


Billy’s unique product offering lies in the quality workmanship and personalisation of his approach to his clients.  Not compromising on quality, he focuses on giving the best possible result for clients. He constantly hears customers complaining about their experience with high volume project builders, and strives to work with clients and right those wrongs. Resolve Construction is fast becoming a leader in the construction industry. They build efficiently and effectively, delivering not just a house, but a home.


Contact Billy Thomas on the Gold Coast, Queensland for constructing your dream home.